Thursday, May 21, 2009

KP Receives Gold Medal

May 15, Chicago, IL

At the 8th annual Corporate and Executive Chefs' Taste Summit in Chicago, KP Education Systems President Nai Wang was awarded by Chef Jesse Sartain and the American Masters of Taste a gold medal for superior quality for what the Sous Chef's contribution to culinary arts education. The Sous Chef was awarded this prestigious medal by the 10 member judging panel of Chefs in America and Chef Jesse Sartain after a rigorous review period and impact assessment of the product.

“This award means a lot to me for all the hard work and dedication of the countless individuals who have worked on making this product a reality over the past ten years. Our focus and dedication to improving culinary arts education has made a big impact on the industry and I thank Mr. Sartain for the honor of this award,” said President of KP Education Systems Nai Wang.

With the award, KP Education Systems will continue to strive to be the best developer of education products and solutions for career and technical education.
The American Masters of Taste for Chefs in America is an organization made up of executive chefs, who are industry leaders and Grand Masters in the hospitality and tourism industry, representing corporate multi-unit restaurants and food service operations. Chefs in America represents over 10,000 professional chefs around the country.