Friday, March 18, 2011

KP Compass Designed to Work with iPad and other Tablet Devices.

iPad 2 & KP Compass
There is no need for an app for that!

KP Education Systems announces iPad and tablet support for KP Compass using their native web browser. It is not necessary to install any plugins or special apps for teachers and students to use KP Compass with KP’s curriculum such as KP Culinary Arts and KP Food Science. Any device with a web browser such as tablets, laptops and netbooks all use the same engine, thereby creating a unified look and feel. Unlike other online based curriculum, KP Compass was built from the ground up with the iPad in mind.

Xoom & KP Compass

KP Compass, KP’s newest edition to their line of technology products, allows KP’s curriculum and content to be plugged into this technology. KP Compass creates a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for the student and the teacher. The teacher can use KP Compass to compose unit plans and assign them to students.

Unit plans can include a wide array of content which can be remixed and changed at the teacher’s discretion. Vocabulary and tests are automatically generated for the student. Additional content and questions can be added to KP Compass. Students can access the content from anywhere with an internet connection and build their PLE.

At the end of each unit plan, the students would go through an auto remediation engine. Each unit plan is set to a mastery level as opposed to being graded on a point scale. The teacher determines the criteria for each level of knowledge and sets the maximum number of test attempts that each student can make. As students continue to learn, their level of comprehension is assessed with “Knowledge Points” and categorized as one of three levels: Novice, Scholar, and Guru. This style will give students an incentive to continue to learn, comprehend, and achieve a higher assessment rating. As the students complete their unit plans, their PLE will continue to grow.

KP Compass offers an interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both the teacher and the student. Please contact KP today for an online demonstration.


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